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Operations and Charges

Engine Building.

Rebuilds and original builds are charged by the hour at a rate £98.00 per hour.

Every build is fully itemised for all parts and labour and all build details are fully recorded and computer logged.

For known specifications or standard rebuilds, a total rate can be quoted prior to the work being commenced. This will exclude any parts and special machining required.

Eg. A 2 Litre 16 Valve Normally aspirated engine on carburettors will take 40 hours

2 Litre Mechanically Fuel Injected Engine will normally take 45 hours

Cylinder Head Porting & Polishing.

This is charged by the hour on new commissions, heads ported to our existing known specifications are charged per cylinder head.

Component Crack Detecting.

This is charged by the hour, plus a small charge for materials and solvents.

Engine Dyno Installation and Testing.

This is charged per man hour at £98.00 per hour. Engine mapping procedures are charged at £90.00 per hour whilst mapping is undertaken. Dead time on the dyno is normally not charged for unless the customer has entered into a day rate for testing in which case the day is charged whilst the engine is physically installed on the test bed. The customer can assist if desired during installation and removal of engines to reduce his costs.

All fuels, oils and parts supplied are charged for in addition to the labour rate.

All the above rates are subject to VAT at prevailing rates at time of invoice.

A deposit will be required with order for rebuilds and new commissions.

All balances are due upon completion and prior to despatch.