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About Us

Brief History of DTW Engines Ltd.

We are a company specialising in the development, designing, testing and building of internal combustion engines for competition purposes, primarily for applications in circuit racing and rallying.

We are based in Harlow, Essex, U.K. Approximately 25 kms. north of London and within easy access of London’s 3 main airports (London Stansted 20 minutes.) and within 90 minutes travelling time, from the main Channel Ports of Dover & Folkestone.

We were incorporated in 1980. Prior to that the owner of the business worked for ten years with a company specialising in the design and building of racing engines at the sport’s highest levels, and was involved with the original development and testing of the alloy blocked BD series of Ford engines, and bespoke Formula 2 Engines of the period.

We have been directly involved with several major manufacturer projects, namely for Ford Motor Company UK, Nissan UK, Toyota GB, Toyota Portugal, Toyota South Africa, De Lorean Cars USA, Mitsubishi, and Proton Malaysia. Our engines have achieved many successes across the world, winning numerous class awards and outright championships. In the world of Rallying we have supplied engines for such luminaries as Roger Clark, Bjorn Waldegarde, Ari Vatanen, (Black Magic Escort 1982.) Tony Pond, John Taylor, Bertie Fisher, Serge Damseau, John Buffum, Per Eklund, Tony Fowkes, Tim Brise, Karamjit Sing, and countless well known private rally and racing customers.

Our engines have won the South African Rally Championship four times, and achieved countless class wins, the British National Championship in Group A several times, The Scottish Rally Championship outright, Australian Group A championship outright, North American Rally Championship outright and the Belgian Historic Rally Championship outright. In the field of circuit racing we have achieved several successes in British Touring Cars, and have won the Ford Saloon Car Championship, and Classic Historic Saloons and many wins in smaller series events. In the field of Rallycross we have won the (2007) East European Championship.

We specialise in the building and development of engines to meet International and National Competition Regulations. We will also build bespoke engines for specific applications and fast road conversions.

Historically we have specialised in building Toyota, Ford and Mitsubishi Engines and all their derivatives. We have a vast knowledge of the Toyota 4A-GE 1600 engines, and build versions from a standard blueprint engine up to nearly 250 bhp versions, running on exotic fuels. Likewise with Ford Engines; we specialise in the Cosworth BDG 4 cylinder 16 Valve engine with variants producing just shy of 300 bhp. in 2 litre form. We also build a wide range of the Cosworth YBT Engines with versions running in excess of 600 bhp. We can supply 600 bhp plus engines in Mitsubishi and Subaru formats and all Group N variants up to EVO9. We will consider almost any engine project which we consider viable and cost effective to produce.