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Dynomometer Testing and Mapping

We provide a full engine testing and mapping facility, using our bespoke test cell facilities and Schenck Dynamometer equipment. We are familiar with most modern engine management systems, and still have the capability and software to map some very early systems. We are official dealers for Motec Engine Management Systems and associated products.

Engine Testing Facilities.

We have a bespoke test cell, utilising a Schenck D400 Water Brake, with full electronic control. The cell will accommodate all types of internal combustion engines apart from those that rotate anti-clockwise, eg some Honda Engines. We have full control of all temperatures and can accommodate various types of fuels. This dyno is excellent for steady state mapping procedures with an accuracy & tolerance of within 1% across its range. We can cope with engines up to 800 bhp. and 650 ft. lbs torque (880 NMs)

Below is a list of some of the engines we currently have jigs for:-


If your engine is not listed here then we can manufacture an installation jig for it. Please ask for a quotation. Most jigs can be produced within 2-3 days.

We always endeavour to test engines with the ancilliries they will use when installed in the car. If turbo charged then we prefer to test with the engine’s intercooler and pipework. It is also important that all electrics which are to be used in car, are supplied at the time of testing.